A traditional choice for a permanent resting place

Today there are more options than ever on how to celebrate a life lived. Choosing burial as your final disposition allows you to have a final resting place with options to have a personal celebration. We believe that no two people are alike and no two services should be alike either.

The value of a viewing

Whether or not an open casket is part of the celebration is an individual family choice. The main reason we have any “viewing” is because it allows people to have a physical presence to focus on when saying their goodbyes. Since most people are visually inclined by nature, it seems to help them see the person, for the death to be “real” to them and allows them to better focus on tidying up the loose ends that they have with this person. A funeral helps people begin to complete their relationship with the person who died, and sometimes seeing the body helps.

Burial Plans

The packages are offered as a guideline for your convenience. Of course, you may choose only the items you desire from the general price list. These packages do not include merchandise, caskets, or cash advance items
Green Burial

This establishment supports environmentally sustainable practices. Green funerals allow for a funeral to take place using certified biodegradable compounds and materials. The burial packages listed above may be converted to a green or natural burial using approved cemeteries. Please allow us to share more information about the green burial movement. We are a Green Burial Council certified provider.

Home Funeral Vigils

A family may choose to conduct visitations and funeral ceremonies within their own home. Our Funeral Directors and staff can help with all aspects of a home funeral from pre-planning, conducting arrangements, completing all necessary documentation, obtaining permits, preservation and care of the body, coordinating with the cemetery or crematory, and transportation. Each situation is unique. We would be happy to share more information.