Marianne Trejo

Oct 20, 1952 - Jul 07, 2020


Marianne H. Trejo Marianne Hiltrude Trejo passed away on July 7, 2020 at Providence Hospital of Everett, WA. Marianne was born on October 20, 1952 to Kirk and Gertrude Wassmuth of Hanna, Germany. She had two sisters and four brothers. Marianne started working at the age of 15. She was a grea...

Marianne Trejo

October 20, 1952 - July 07, 2020

Becky Trejo July 22, 2020

In 1971, Marianna and her daughter Melanie arrived from Hanna, Germany to live in Denver, Colorado. When I first met Marianne she stood tall and had long blonde hair. She had a warm smile and was very shy. Through the years, Marianna portrayed herself as witty with a good sense of humor. She knew how to laugh and enjoyed her life with Albert and her children. She learned English and was very good at budgeting. She was so easy to talk to. I for one will miss her dearly. Rest in peace Marianna.
Becky Trejo (sister-in-law)

Catherine Trejo July 22, 2020

Marianne was a very special person. She brought a lot of laughter when she was around. She loved her Denver Broncos and cherished her German food. Her children and grandchildren loved her immensely. She was a great support to her husband, Albert. It was a miracle she lived so long with her medical diagnoses. The last four years brought many medical challenges, but she stood strong and was brave until the end. It was an honor to care for her. I celebrate Marianne’s life from Hannah, Germany to Denver, Colorado to Everett, Washington. Her memory will live on in our lives. Rest on Marianne.
Catherine Trejo (sister-in-law)

Catherine Trejo July 22, 2020

My favorite memory of my aunt Maryanne is one Christmas when I was about 8 and living in Seattle with my mom and aunt Cathy my music teacher had giving us the task of learning the words to ‘ Oh Tannenbaum’ for that years Christmas program. It’s a well known German version of ‘0h Christmas Tree so my mom told you should ask aunt Maryann to rehearse with you so she can tell you how to pronounce the words correctly lol. What was supposed a lessons turned into a laughing session her and I started to laugh and giggle at every single word. She made it very amusing and fun for me and it become one of my favorite memories of her! That what was best about her, her humor her ability to laugh at herself. In a world today where everything must be taken so seriously her type is hard to find.

Meghan Trejo Martinez (Niece)

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