Wm Lance Kinnamon

Sep 14, 1954 - Jun 30, 2020


Lance, our dear brother and friend passed away on June 30, 2020. He was 65. He grew up in Sacramento and was in the building industry his entire career, first as a general contractor in California and then as a city building inspector primarily in Western Washington. Lance was very proud of his w...



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Wm Lance Kinnamon

September 14, 1954 - June 30, 2020

Deborah O. August 3, 2020

Safe travels, Lance. Thank you for always being so kind to Lucy and I.

Jennifer Malena July 14, 2020

I will miss Lance greatly. He was my second Dad. He helped shape who I am. He was always reading several sci-fi books at the same time. I’d pick them up and read them too. Sometimes they were well beyond my years, but I still recite Gulley Foyle’s words and think of Lord Fouls Bane’s Leprosy. He was an artist and even when he wasn’t painting or drawing, he thought as an artist—creative and quirky. I am posting his albino gorilla and his pencil case he made by hand, used and gave to me. The pencils shown are ones he used too. Lance taught me to be wary of politicians and protest what wasn’t right. He once laid in the road to stop cars when the city refused to install a stop sign in front of our house—then installed the sign himself including carefully painting the road. So many wonderful memories of him. Lance was kind, funny, loving, my Dad and he will be missed.


Jennifer Malena July 13, 2020

Lance and his Vaurnets.

Jennifer Malena July 13, 2020

Melodie Murphy July 10, 2020

Sorry Lance but I couldn’t resist sharing your army uniform.

Melodie Murphy July 10, 2020

Yvonne David July 10, 2020

I worked with Lance for about 2 years and became good friends with him in that time. I am going to miss his unique sense of humor, which I enjoyed, his big heart and his smiling face. RIP my friend.

Yvonne David July 10, 2020

Brenda Eriksen July 8, 2020

David Sweetland July 8, 2020

I knew Lance in the early 1970s -- early 80s, Sacramento; we shared a passion for rock climbing. I spent hundreds of hours either in Lance's man cave or on the crags around Lake Tahoe. Lance was a close friend, I got to know Mel and Gloria and we shared in many laughs. I feel very fortunate, a real 'trivecta' to know Lance by holding his climbing rope -- life line -- as L worked his way UP a hard rock climb. Thanks Melody, Gloria, and you Lance. Dave on belay

Melodie Murphy July 8, 2020

Roxanne Robles July 7, 2020

I knew Lance for a brief time at the City of Woodinville, his witty humor and warm energy will be missed.

Patrick Lawler July 7, 2020

I was lucky enough to work with Lance the past two years and have to say that he was quite a character. Funny guy with integrity and a strong work ethic. I will miss him very much.

B. Anderson July 7, 2020

Lance was a kind and caring soul. Our world could definitely use a lot more men with his character. May he rest in peace!

Angela G. July 6, 2020

Lance was a very kind and wonderful man. I am honored that I got the opportunity to work with him and know him a little bit. He will be missed.

D. Greer July 6, 2020

The world has lost a little more of its precious humor with Lance's passing. Always a friendly guy and fun co-worker. He will be missed.

Todd Cunningahm July 5, 2020

I will miss you Lance my dear friend of so many years. We have some great times dating back to the Butte College days and our adventures as building officials. Rest in peace Lance I will remember you always.

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