Solie’s Featured January Artist-Spirit Dolls by Lisa Bull


Lisa began making jewelry in 1991.  Her creative endeavor led to a form of Transformational Artwork, which was birthed from facing her inner pain caused by the abuse she endured as a child. Through her healing journey she was able to transform the emotional wounds into something magnificently beautiful. Concerning her visions she has said, “When I created something so beautiful with my hands and heart, I finally felt like I could see beauty from inside of myself, where I had felt so ugly before.

The Inner Child Dolls were inspired from working with people dealing with their issues of sexual abuse recovery, which is sometimes a very long and painful process. Inner Child Dolls are created for Individuals working towards their own hopes, visions and dreams.

Each Doll is a one of a kind, made one-knot and one bead at a time.  When she conducts classes, her students are taught to create their own dolls, through a guided process. In the course, they are inspired to make their dolls while focusing on love and tranquility as they learn to face the pain of their past. A blessing is said over each bead to ensure the wearer of a peaceful heart and an open mind. The sinew cord is braided by hand with three-strands to represent one mind, one body and one spirit, inspiring rational thinking during emotional trauma. The shield signifies creating safe boundaries and not letting people cross them, knowing when to protect. The hole in the center represent your hopes, dreams and visions, reminding you that they’re never lost and are ready to manifest when you are ready to bring them forth. The hands and feet are handmade from molten glass.  This signifies, that out of the fire, beauty arises and moves forward with a new dynamic creativity.

When completed in a class, the doll is a powerful symbol to the person who made it, as they are now carrying the awareness of their own inner process of healing as they made it with love and kindness, while they faced their past and it becomes a tangible reminder to encourage and inspire them whenever they face life situations that trigger the painful memories of the past.

The dolls are also available for sale for those who want that same symbolism for themselves or to gift their loved ones. They can be a powerfully inspirational gift helping those seeking healing for their own inner journey of sexual abuse recovery.

Note: The true power of these dolls and the beads that are used in creating them, are the symbolism behind what the dolls represent. The story behind the creation is what inspires the owner of the dolls to set in motion their own healing recovery process.

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